Jim Proctor

For Lake Lure Town Council!

328 Boys Camp Road

PO Box 384

Lake Lure, NC 28746

For Lake Lure Town Council! 

Home Phone (828) 625-8811 Cell Phone (828) 779-3100 

If you have any questions or comments please email Jim at lakelure2@aol.com    


Please take the time to vote on November 2nd.
Even with no opponents on the ballot, if most folks don't vote, a write-in candidate could win with a small percent of the eligible voters.

I am grateful to the town citizens for allowing me to be mayor of Lake Lure for a decade.
I am now happy to announce that I have filed to run for the Lake Lure Town Council. As a former five-term Mayor of Lake Lure I offer a unique combination of experience, knowledge, and insight specific to our community. am a successful businessperson and I have many decades of experience with not only the town council but many other boards and committees (both public and private).  Over the years I have learned a great deal about our town, its citizens, its infrastructure, its current situation, and its future needs. I will bring to the town council not only my knowledge of the town but also my expertise in coordinating, negotiating and problem solving.

We currently face plenty of issues. The sewer system
1, dredging2, dam issues3 and lake issues4. As we look for solutions, I believe the best thing we can do is to think and act as a community and focus on our common interests. Let's remember that we all benefit from quality solutions to our common challenges. Ultimately the solutions to our problems will come from the question, what is best for Lake Lure as a whole? 

I have deep ties to Lake Lure. I was born here. My wife, Robin, and I live in a home my great-great-great grandfather, Judge G. W. Logan, bought in 1866. Together we operate Pine Gables Cabins, a family business started in 1947. Robin, and I have also been very active with environmental issues including the campaign to ask the state to create the Chimney Rock Park.

 I sincerely ask for your vote on November 2

Yours very truly,

Jim Proctor   


1. I am in favor of the current plan to build another sewer trunk line near the edge of the lake. This will solve the water infiltration problem and allow more customers to use our town's sewer system. While I was mayor our engineers tried a new technic to wrap the sewer line under the lake. We knew this would only last about a decade and would either need to be redone or a new system designed. It is now time to build a new system.

2. Just like when I was mayor, we must continue to dredge the main channels to keep Lake Lure safe and functional. I am, of course, in favor of dredging.

3. During the time I was mayor the dam was inspected multiple times and reports about the condition of the dam were created. At that time there were no reports that sited the problems we now face. As instructed by the reports, we did replace the flood gates and the motor that runs the flood gates.

4. Lake Lure is obviously our greatest asset. We must do all we can to insure it is fun and safe to be on.

Please take the time to vote on November 2
 Even with no opponents on the ballot, if most folks don't vote, a write-in candidate could win with a small percent of the eligible voters.



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